Saving Time on Accounts Payable

Posted by Wendy Li on Nov 11, 2021 8:00:00 AM
Wendy Li
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On a list of things you like to do, paying bills likely ranks somewhere near the bottom. Which is not surprising since it's time-consuming, prone to errors—especially if paper is involved—and fixing mistakes can be challenging at best. Not to mention the security and fraud concerns associated with sending checks in the mail.

As we discussed in our recent blog post How to Simplify Your Remote AP and AR Process for Greater Visibility and Control, many business owners are choosing to streamline their processes by working with a Client Accounting Services (CAS) team, a group of specialized accountants who provide a tailored suite of services to simplify your accounting processes.

By partnering with a Client Accounting Services (CAS) team, you can save 50% of time on accounts payable. You'll see an immediate impact on your processes and business, including:

  • Control. Stay on top of your cashflow anytime, from anywhere using a mobile app
  • Time Savings. Focus on what matters to you while your CAS team handles bill management. Your CAS team will alert you when there is a payment to approve.
  • Flexibility. Pay international and domestic vendors how they prefer to be paid.
  • Security. Encryption of data in motion and at rest, consistent with leading industry practices, so you can rest easy

If you have questions about strategies to simplify your accounting processes, leave a comment below or feel free to contact me directly, I'm happy to help!

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