The Truth About 1031 Exchanges

If you own any real estate investments, you may be interested in a tax break called a 1031 exchange. A 1031 exchange, also called a like-kind exchange, essentially allows real estate investors to swap one property for another, while deferring capital gains tax.

Separating Your Business From Its Real Estate

Does your business need real estate to conduct operations? Or does it otherwise hold property and put the title in the name of the business? You may want to rethink this approach. Any short-term benefits may be outweighed by the tax, liability and estate planning advantages of separating real estate ownership from the business.

Top 10 Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents

For busy real estate agents, keeping track of every business expense, and figuring out which expenses are deductible, is probably last on your list of priorities. And it can be especially complicated for independent real estate agents, whose taxes are generally not withheld from commission checks, and who have additional tax liabilities as self-employed individuals.