Zachary Shea

Zachary Shea
Zach is a Staff Accountant who joined CRR full time in 2022 after a two year internship with the firm.
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Starting a Business? Here's How Expenses Will Be Treated on Your Tax Return

Government officials saw a large increase in the number of new businesses launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the U.S. Census Bureau reports that business applications are still increasing slightly (up 0.4% from April 2023 to May 2023). The Bureau measures this by tracking the number of businesses applying for Employer Identification Numbers (EINs).

Massachusetts to Launch Smart Work Week Pilot Program

Last week, Massachusetts lawmakers Dylan Fernandes and Josh Cutler filed legislation to create a pilot program studying the concept of a 4-day work week.

Will You and Your Employees Save More For Retirement in 2023 Due to Inflation?

How much can you and your employees contribute to your 401(k)s next year — or other retirement plans? In Notice 2022-55, the IRS recently announced cost-of-living adjustments that apply to the dollar limitations for pensions, as well as other qualified retirement plans for 2023. The amounts increased more than they have in recent years due to inflation.

Providing Fringe Benefits To Employees With No Tax Strings Attached

Businesses can provide benefits to employees that don’t cost them much or anything at all. However, in some cases, employees may have to pay tax on the value of these benefits.

Why an LLC Might Be the Best Choice of Entity For Your Business

The business entity you choose can affect your taxes, your personal liability and other issues. A limited liability company (LLC) is somewhat of a hybrid entity in that it can be structured to resemble a corporation for owner liability purposes and a partnership for federal tax purposes. This duality may provide you with the best of both worlds.