Could Your Business Benefit From a Merger or Acquisition? Top 7 Reasons for M+A.

Posted by Dave Richards, Managing Partner on Mar 22, 2018 3:25:38 PM
Dave Richards, Managing Partner
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I’ve helped countless business owners sell their businesses over the years. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve also helped business owners expand their businesses through mergers and acquisitions (M+A). The benefits that can come from M+A are numerous.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the top reasons our clients have decided to merge with or acquire a new business:

  1. Growth
    Organic growth usually doesn’t happen overnight—it can take years to expand your client base and build your team one new hire at a time. Acquiring or merging with an established business, who already has a solid client base and experienced employee roster, can allow your company to grow much more quickly.
  1. Synergy
    One way to boost your business is to acquire or merge with a company whose strengths and capabilities compliment your own. By adding more support for your existing product or service offerings, you can better serve your client base and gain new business in your current market.
  2. Diversification
    Conversely, you can acquire or merge with a company who offers something you currently don’t—a new product or service that meets a need for your existing client base that you can’t provide currently, or a product or service that allows you to broaden your target market.
  3. Technology
    Does your company need to advance technologically in order to better serve your clients? Acquiring or merging with a company who has already invested the time and money into developing a proven proprietary technology may be easier and faster than doing it yourself.
  4. Gain Market Share
    Rather than having to build brand recognition from the ground up in a new market, some companies choose to merge with or acquire an established business in that market, benefiting from the reputation they’ve already built.
  5. Expand Geographically
    By acquiring or merging with a company in a new geographic area, you can quickly expand your geographical market to reach and serve an entirely new pool of prospective clients.
  6. Competitive Advantage
    By merging with or acquiring a competing business, you automatically reduce the amount of business lost to competition, and can increase your sales pipeline.

These are just a few of the reasons a merger or acquisition can be beneficial to a business. Wondering whether your business might benefit from M+A? I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, or walk you through your options and help you determine what the right path is for your specific needs. Feel free to leave a comment below, or reach out to me directly.

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